In this tale, the couple vacation on a private, tropical island in the BVIs for some rest and relaxation at a beachside bungalow. They are so involved in their water-world playground that even a foul-weather forecast cannot dampen their spirits. However, that doesn’t mean that danger doesn’t lurk where pleasure and treasure collide. A pair of modern pirates, a temptation too great to deny, a force of nature sudden, swift and strong, all produce a moment of reckoning sure to satisfy.
Note: this eBook novella also appears in Celebrating Romance 2, which is available in full book format.

The easy-to-complete questionnaire asks for 26 details about the starring couple like names, eye and hair color, best friends’ names, type of car, hometown, the cute pet names they call each other, how long they’ve been a couple, their favorite music plus a dedication page for writing a special greeting to commemorate the occasion.

Exciting news here! I was recently chosen as one of the ten winners by and, let me tell you–it’s not an exaggeration to say I’ve never won anything (unless you count a camera when I was thirteen and my mother wrote down my name and slipped the entry into the hat). I realize winning a writing contest isn’t entirely based on chance, but such competitions always do contain some measure of luck. Who will read my submission and what kind of writing do they like? Am I the first entry the judge read? The last?  Were they looking for a story on a magical romantic getaway island (look up Seagrape Cottage in the BVI and you’ll see what I mean) or something else? This plot driven short story is a huge divergence from my usual character driven sweet romances, but I think you’ll enjoy reading Island Forecast: Danger as much as I did writing it!

Five Great Reasons To Let Your Hair Grow Out.

First Great Reason. Compliments Right Away!

My good friend Ali, a toned, tanned, and sparkling flight attendant was the first person to notice the few straggling locks tucked carefully behind my ears. “Are you growing your hair out?” she demanded. “I’m so glad, because your other style was way too old for you!” Wait, maybe that wasn’t a compliment but, hey, I’ll take it.

Second Great Reason. My Husband Noticed!

Four months into the No Cut Zone, my husband turned and looked at me. I could see his frown of concentration. “Your hair looks darker.” So okay, maybe he didn’t notice my hair was considerably longer but at least he noticed me, right?

Third Great Reason. I Can Wear Dangling Earings!

Yeah I agree, Victoria Beckham–with sculpted cheekbones and heart-shaped grin–looks fantastic in long, funky earrings even though her hair is shorter than short, but Victoria I’m not. Let’s just say I looked more like David Beckham going through a gender crises, or something like that.

Fourth Great Reason. I Can Wear Baseball Caps!

Maybe this reason sounds a lot like the one above. But, oh, am I envious of all the women who effortlessly wear baseball caps, then at the end of the day tug them off, shake out their flowing locks and look positively radiant. Before, when I tried wearing a cap, well, let’s just say I could have been poster child for Hat Hair.

Fifth Great Reason. Save Money On Haircuts.

I admit it. Cost Cutters was my salon. So my savings, even though I’m a pretty good tipper, isn’t all that stellar.  But with the price of gas and bread these days, who can complain?

Jayne Grey

My daughter, a marketing intern, phoned the other day to tell me she was, at that very moment, driving three models to a photo shoot! Anyone famous, you may ask? Well, okay–not really. She works in Madison (as in the Cheesehead state) which isn’t typically considered a hub of haut couture, now is it? But I’m fairly certain you’ve heard of these models because (wait for it) they were curling irons! Yes, I realize this anecdote is not exactly writing related but, still—a good story, don’t you think?

I’m coming out of the closet, but maybe not the one you think. Okay, I’m going to admit it–I’m a romance reader, yeah, I know–not surprising since I write romance. But still, not an easy admission since people hunched over the romance section at the book store often engender scorn and ridicule. I’ve come out of the closet before. When I was twenty and in my very first long term relationship (I’m talking two months), my then boyfriend and I began a lively discussion on what was our preferred reading material. His was nonfiction historical, mine historical romance. I had no qualms admitting I was completely addicted to Kathleen Woodiwiss—after all, this guy really liked me!! And, well, there was definitely a common bond there, right? Both genres were of the  historical nature (not hysterical). But, alas, my  boyfriend made me hysterical when he became outright derisive that I read trivial trash (his words,  not mine). And, yup, that was the beginning of the end. I knew he wasn’t right for me. If you’re wondering about my now husband (and even if you’re not), he smiled and nodded happily when I eventually worked up the nerve to tell him about my secret addiction. No wonder I like him so much.

I happened upon a blog posting stating that longtime prolific and amazing author Penny Jordan was discovered in a slush pile by an assistant editor at Harlequin. Okay, yeah. A fairy tale to be sure, one all of us unpubs long to have happen—but still, proof that fairy tales do happen. To me, Ms. Jordan is Harlequin personified, a veritable icon. Not sure how (I was a young teen at the time) but a Harlequin Romance book found its way onto the white-painted plywood shelf bolted above my twin bed. I suspect the book may have come from my mother’s friend, an avid reader who introduced me to the adventures of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Campfire Girls, and (gulp) even the Trixie Belden. Curious, I opened the book and began reading about a dentist falling in love with his hygienist (yup, I still remember). I was hooked! I hurried over to the convenience store on Main Street and rooted through the rickety, rotating book display. What did I pull out? None other than Ms. Jordan’s carefully weaved story about a dark-eyed sheik in some exotic locale. I’ve never forgotten the rich, wonderful feeling of being swept away. So, may I say, kudos to that assistant editor