For as long as I can remember, I’ve spent endless hours inside my head writing romances, many of which never get put onto paper–which is probably a good thing. There are few things I enjoy more than cradling a cup of hot tea and sitting down to punch keys on my laptop. Writing about romance and falling love. ♥  How can I complain about spending my day doing that?

Whether it was luck or fate, I fell in  love with my very own hero on the college tennis courts. Married for over twenty years, I have relocated to many locations throughout the United States and Canada, and recently made another move to one of those in-the-middle states. I have two daughters, a golden retriever, and a toy poodle who thinks he’s a golden retriever.

My degree in Chemistry, while not very romantic, is a good background for all things analytical and inquiring.

I am a RWA PRO member and am currently working with a perfectly wonderful and sweet editor, Flo Nicoll, on a full requested manuscript for a Harlequin Romance.