In this tale, the couple vacation on a private, tropical island in the BVIs for some rest and relaxation at a beachside bungalow. They are so involved in their water-world playground that even a foul-weather forecast cannot dampen their spirits. However, that doesn’t mean that danger doesn’t lurk where pleasure and treasure collide. A pair of modern pirates, a temptation too great to deny, a force of nature sudden, swift and strong, all produce a moment of reckoning sure to satisfy.
Note: this eBook novella also appears in Celebrating Romance 2, which is available in full book format.

The easy-to-complete questionnaire asks for 26 details about the starring couple like names, eye and hair color, best friends’ names, type of car, hometown, the cute pet names they call each other, how long they’ve been a couple, their favorite music plus a dedication page for writing a special greeting to commemorate the occasion.