Five Great Reasons To Let Your Hair Grow Out.

First Great Reason. Compliments Right Away!

My good friend Ali, a toned, tanned, and sparkling flight attendant was the first person to notice the few straggling locks tucked carefully behind my ears. “Are you growing your hair out?” she demanded. “I’m so glad, because your other style was way too old for you!” Wait, maybe that wasn’t a compliment but, hey, I’ll take it.

Second Great Reason. My Husband Noticed!

Four months into the No Cut Zone, my husband turned and looked at me. I could see his frown of concentration. “Your hair looks darker.” So okay, maybe he didn’t notice my hair was considerably longer but at least he noticed me, right?

Third Great Reason. I Can Wear Dangling Earings!

Yeah I agree, Victoria Beckham–with sculpted cheekbones and heart-shaped grin–looks fantastic in long, funky earrings even though her hair is shorter than short, but Victoria I’m not. Let’s just say I looked more like David Beckham going through a gender crises, or something like that.

Fourth Great Reason. I Can Wear Baseball Caps!

Maybe this reason sounds a lot like the one above. But, oh, am I envious of all the women who effortlessly wear baseball caps, then at the end of the day tug them off, shake out their flowing locks and look positively radiant. Before, when I tried wearing a cap, well, let’s just say I could have been poster child for Hat Hair.

Fifth Great Reason. Save Money On Haircuts.

I admit it. Cost Cutters was my salon. So my savings, even though I’m a pretty good tipper, isn’t all that stellar.  But with the price of gas and bread these days, who can complain?

Jayne Grey