I happened upon a blog posting stating that longtime prolific and amazing author Penny Jordan was discovered in a slush pile by an assistant editor at Harlequin. Okay, yeah. A fairy tale to be sure, one all of us unpubs long to have happen—but still, proof that fairy tales do happen. To me, Ms. Jordan is Harlequin personified, a veritable icon. Not sure how (I was a young teen at the time) but a Harlequin Romance book found its way onto the white-painted plywood shelf bolted above my twin bed. I suspect the book may have come from my mother’s friend, an avid reader who introduced me to the adventures of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Campfire Girls, and (gulp) even the Trixie Belden. Curious, I opened the book and began reading about a dentist falling in love with his hygienist (yup, I still remember). I was hooked! I hurried over to the convenience store on Main Street and rooted through the rickety, rotating book display. What did I pull out? None other than Ms. Jordan’s carefully weaved story about a dark-eyed sheik in some exotic locale. I’ve never forgotten the rich, wonderful feeling of being swept away. So, may I say, kudos to that assistant editor